The Meditation Podcast - Episode 29 - Light of Prosperity and Abundance

The Meditation Podcast - Episode 29 - Light of Prosperity and Abundance

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29 - Light of Prosperity and Abundance

Welcome to The Meditation Podcast with Jesse & Jeane Stern. Episode 29, Light of Prosperity and Abundance.

As we start the new year, many of us set goals and resolutions for prosperity and abundance.

Prosperity can mean succeeding at and enjoying one's job or business, receiving gifts, earning dividends or royalties, or simply having a lifestyle that meets one's needs.

Abundance can take the form of money, having plenty of food to eat, a wealth of friends and family, or a warm bed to sleep in.

We often carry habits and mental patterns from our past experiences that block our own prosperity and abundance. "I'll never succeed." "I don't deserve this." "I have to work hard just to get by." Do any of these sound familiar to you?

It is these deeply rooted negative beliefs and ingratitude that can prevent us from receiving what the Universe has available to us.

In today's meditation, we use light visualization to transform our beliefs about prosperity and abundance, and increase our spiritual vibration to attract prosperous and abundant lives.

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Now, let's begin.


Published: 2015-12-22

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