The Meditation Podcast - Episode 45 - Healing Trauma and Anxiety

The Meditation Podcast - Episode 45 - Healing Trauma and Anxiety

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45 - Healing Trauma and Anxiety

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Trauma has many sources: combat or confrontation, surgery or injury, death in the family, financial or survival-related struggles, and much more. Trauma is even passed on through generations via our DNA. Many of us carry trauma in our daily lives, which creates anxiety, imbalances our adrenaline, and severely affects our happiness and empathy.

In today's meditation, we use a breathing technique -- and specific energetic work within the meditation -- to heal, release, and resolve trauma.

Remember that this podcast uses audio technology that affects the brain, so please use headphones, and do not use this podcast while driving or operating machinery.

We are not licensed health care practitioners, and we do not claim any specific health benefits from using this podcast. If you have been diagnosed with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, or if you believe you may have PTSD, please consult your doctor before using this meditation. You are responsible for your own health.

Now, let's begin.


Published: 2017-08-21

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