The Meditation Podcast - Episode 10 - Releasing Fear

The Meditation Podcast - Episode 10 - Releasing Fear

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10 - Releasing Fear

Jesse and I want to thank you all for your patience and generosity. We have had a lot of activity in our lives - all very good. However, it has delayed our steady delivery of meditations. Your emails and letters have shown us how much the meditations have helped you in your lives. We want to continue to help.

As children, we know no fear. We run, we jump, we play, without thinking about any consequences, or being hurt. However, as we grow, we start to experience fear. Things we have heard or seen, or maybe our own personal experience, has left us traumatized and frightened. Most of us want to move forward, build our dreams, but we feel stuck, paralyzed. This meditation helps us break down the walls of fear, so that we can reach our dreams and become who we truly are.


Published: 2007-10-09

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