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We have kept our podcast free and ad-free for over ten years! That's because we believe nobody should have to listen to a sponsorship message when they are getting ready to meditate. Thanks to our Patreon subscribers, we are able to provide you with updating, evolving, free, and ad-free meditations.

Love what we do? If you feel that The Meditation Podcast has had a positive effect on your life, consider subscribing on Patreon. As little as two dollars a month gives you exclusive and early-access content. Plus, we thank you – and it helps us continue to do what we do!

But what is Patreon?

Put very simply, Patreon is subscription crowdfunding. Like other crowdfunding sites, such as Kickstarter, indieGogo, or GoFundMe, creators raise money to fund projects. The difference is that Patreon's model is subscription based, instead of project based. Subscribers can choose to support creators on a monthly or per-project basis. Without our Patreon subscribers, we would not have been able to continue producing The Meditation Podcast.

Patreon subscribers get access to our TMP Archive – our complete and steadily growing catalog of meditations. You also get TMP Chats – an informal, unscripted audio recording where Jesse & Jeane talk about life, meditation, the podcast, our listeners, or anything else. And we send you a Subscriber Update each month – our newsletter, where we let you know a bit about what's going on in our world, discuss topics mostly meditation-related, and offer exercises or 'meditation challenges'. There are other benefits, perks, and swag. For information, visit us on Patreon.

A few Samples of our TMP Subscriber Update

We periodically make our older Subscriber Updates and TMP Chats available to the public. Patreon subscribers always have access to the latest. (Click to enlarge.)


Looking for comfy headphones? We use SleepPhones, great for listening while reclining. Available in both Wireless and Classic (wired).

Music for Meditation

Check out our two albums of Music for Meditation. Composed, produced, performed, and recorded by Jesse Stern. Availabe on Amazon, iTunes, Spotify, and wherever the kids are listening to music these days. These albums are also available as perks for Patreon subscribers.

Sacred Spaces : Music for Meditation

Sacred Spaces: Original music, composed and performed by Jesse Stern. Chill music, designed specifically for meditation, yoga, tai chi, reiki, or simply relaxing in your sacred space.

Nine Lives of a Healer : Music for Meditation

Love the music from the podcast? Nine Lives of a Healer : Music for Meditation was created for meditation and healing – such as reiki, yoga, massage, and meditation.

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