The Meditation Podcast - Episode 72 - Release Vibration

The Meditation Podcast - Episode 72 - Release Vibration

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72 - Release Vibration

Through meditation, we release tension and focus our minds inward. Through daily practice, we may face opportunities for deeper release, such as chronic tension or old injuries. When we experience fidgeting, difficulty focusing, difficult self-observations, areas of chronic pain or tension, etc., this may be a sign that we are ready for a deeper release.

In today's meditation, we use a simple, self-generated vibration to help realign our subtle energy and to release any areas of tension or stuck-ness. Such releases may feel as simple as a gentle letting go. They may also include emotional release such as laughing, crying, trembling, shaking, or feeling hot or cold. Whatever feelings come up (or don't), our goal is to observe our thoughts and sensations while staying focused on the vibration.

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Now, let's begin.


Published: 2019-10-31

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