The Meditation Podcast - Episode 7 - Your Sacred Space

The Meditation Podcast - Episode 7 - Your Sacred Space

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7 - Your Sacred Space

First of all, we apologize for our April episode coming out so late. Our only excuse is that we've been extremely busy, and Jesse just got back from overseas. We also had to change web hosts. To make a long story short, thank you all for your patience. We'll do our very best to catch up!

This month's episode is about regeneration in your Sacred Space. We will guide you through a technique that takes you into a sacred place - your own inner sanctum or sacred grove. In this place, you can regenerate your energy, renew your creativity, and gain a new perspective on choices you may have to make.

Remember that while this podcast uses guided imagery, it also uses sound technology that affects the right and left sides of the brain, to help us enter a deeper state of relaxation and meditation. Thus, it works best with headphones, and should not be used while driving.

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Your Sacred Space

Find a quiet spot to sit or lie down where you are not likely to be disturbed. Loosen or remove any uncomfortable clothing. Turn off or silence your phone. Now, let's begin.


Published: 2007-04-30

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