The Meditation Podcast - Episode 124 - Dr Charles Brown

The Meditation Podcast - Episode 124 - Dr Charles Brown

124 - Dr Charles Brown

Dr Charles is a Minister and Babalawo, father, mentor, and friend. To describe the impact he has made on my life would take hours, so I will simply share his words with you.

In today's meditation, I am honored to introduce Dr Charles Brown.

Remember that this podcast uses binaural beats, audio technology that affects the brain, so please use headphones, and please do not use this podcast while driving or operating machinery.

We are not licensed health care practitioners, and we do not claim any specific health benefits from using this podcast. You are responsible for your own health.

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Please note that Dr Charles uses language referring to God as 'he' and people as 'men'. It is intended and understood that 'men' includes all people, and that the infinity and mystery of God is beyond body and gender.

Now, let's begin.

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Published: 2024-02-29

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