The Meditation Podcast - Episode 69 - Breathing Through the Body

The Meditation Podcast - Episode 69 - Breathing Through the Body

69 - Breathing Through the Body

As we journey through our lives, our bodies experience many forms of stress -- including danger, grief, trauma, anger, and physical injury. When we don't process or release stress it remains inside our bodies, causing tension and restricted breath. Restricted breath in turn deprives the body and blood of oxygen, which can lead to hypertension, weight fluctuation, and all sorts of dis-ease.

In today's meditation, we use our own breathing to cleanse our physical and emotional bodies. Using simple extension of the breath and release of the body through breath, we can significantly lower stress for a healthier life and a healthier state of mind.

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Remember that this podcast uses audio technology that affects the brain, so please use headphones and please do not use this podcast while driving or operating machinery.

We are not licensed health care practitioners, and we do not claim any specific health benefits from using this podcast. You are responsible for your own health.

Now, let's begin.

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Published: 2019-07-29

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